Narrow Gauge Layouts

Sydney (NSW) Steve Chapman MMRDCC On30@ - Hill & Eile Railroad DVD
Melbourne (VIC) Allan Ogden
On30@ - Talyllyn Flavour
Brisbane (QLD) Kerry Rasmussen
On30" - MelahydeDVD
Perth (WA) Phil Knife MMR
HOe - Nebentalbahn
Central Coast (NSW) Gerry Hopkins MMRDCC ( X ) HOn30" - FS & K Railroad (CVP) DVD
Central Coast (NSW) Gerry Hopkins MMR DCC HOn30" - SR & RL (CVP) DVD
Melbourne (VIC)Rod Hutchinson
HOn30" - E. Regnans Tramway
Brisbane (QLD)Kerry Rasmussen
OO9 - Moelfryn
Tinbeerwah (QLD) Laurie McLean MMR DCC ( X ) HOn3 - D&RGW (CVP) DVD
Sydney (NSW) Julian
Sydney (NSW) Fred Gill GMMR (d)
( X ) HOn3 - The Diamond Valley Lines DVD
Sydney (NSW) Dieter Chidel
HOn3 - Chilli Line DVD
Melbourne (VIC) Peter Sutton
Melbourne (VIC) Bill Black DCC Sn3 - D&RGW (NCE) DVD
Sydney (NSW) Michael Flack
Brisbane (QLD) Peter Thompson DCC Sn3 - Marshall Pass (Digitrax) DVD
Central Coast (NSW)Ken Scales MMR NEWDCCOn30 - Bluesky Valley Railroad (NCE)
Canberra (ACT)Jess BrisbaneDCCOn30 - Arkham & Vermont - Innsmouth Branch (Digitrax)
Newecastle (NSW)Steve MageeDCCOn30 - Lumber Mountain RR (NCE)DVD
Sydney (NSW) David O'Hearn DCC On30 - Ohio River & Western (Sys1) DVD
Melbourne (VIC) John Hunter
Perth (WA) Frank Godde MMR
North Coast (NSW) Norman Downes
Sydney (NSW) Smuggler's Cove DVD On30
Sydney (NSW) Muskrat Ramble
Sydney (NSW) Charging Moose
Adelaide (SA) Tony Harris
On30 - Puffing Billy
Adelaide (SA) Peter Jackson MMR DCC On3 - Eureka Valley (CVP) UPDATED DVD
Melbourne (VIC) Gavin Hince MMR DCC On3 - The High Line (CVP) DVD
Blue Mountains (NSW) George Paxon MMR DCC ( X ) On3 - D&RGW (CVP) DVD
Sydney (NSW) Steve Pettit MMR DCC ( X ) On3 - Toadcroak Flume & Lumber Co. (NCE) DVD
Sydney (NSW) Red Stag
( X ) On3 DVD
Melbourne (VIC) Laurie Green MMR DCC On3
Adelaide (SA)Rev. Dr. Vern Cracknell MMR DCCG Kangaroo & Cockatoo Railway (Digitrax)DVD