Australasian Region

Peter Burrows

Secretary, Australasian Region

Peter Burrows has been a member of the NMRA for over 25 years first joining in the USA whilst working there in the early 80's. He joined the Australasian Region after returning home to Australia in 1984. He models PRR Central Division and East Broad Top in Ho/Hon3. He is also Past President of the Australasian Region, Past Editor/Publisher of Mainline (our local magazine).

Now retired from executive life in the Banking/IT industry he has been a member of the Australian Regional Committee for the past 2 years and over those past 2 years Peter has been responsible for acquiring and loading the Archive hard drives, developing the 2014 Strategy Plan, updating the Rules of Association and Executive Handbook and implementing Teleconferencing. As Education Chair (AR) he developed the original Beginners Education program (based on the US program) and edited its successor the Basic Skills program.

Peter says "the next 2 years holds several challenges and opportunities to grow our Region. I hope to be an effective ARC member in assisting the ARC team in meeting these challenges and realising our opportunities".

Peter Burrows

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