Australasian Region

John Gillies

Treasurer, NMRA Australasian Region

My interest in model railways began with a small OO scale Hornby Dublo 3 rail train set which was followed by some Triang 2 rail equipment. A visit to Melbourne's Model Dockyard hobby shop as a teenager in the late 1960s exposed me to cheaper and better operating Athearn HO scale American models and before long I had a small hodgepodge collection doing laps of a small partially scenicked layout I built along a wall in my father's shed.

The 1972 and later Burlington Northern Annuals and a trip to the USA in 1978 saw me become a second half of 1976 era Burlington Northern modeller. I'm very slowly building a HO scale layout which focuses on parts of the main line between Spokane and Sandpoint. I also have a real interest the freight cars of my modelling era.

I've been a member of the NMRA since 1993 and am a past Division 2 Superintendent and member of the organising committee and registrar for the 2013 Australasian Region Convention held in Canberra. I was a member of the Division 2 modular exhibition layout group for a decade and have been looking after Division 2 finances for some years. I am also a member of the NMRA Layout Design and Operations Special Interest Groups.

My pre-retirement work inluded some years of financial management specialisation and I am in my second and final two-year term as Treasurer and member of the Australasian Region Committee. I am enjoying these positions as they provide a great insight into and a way of participating in how the Australasian Region works and provides benefits to its members.

You might like to think about taking over as Treasurer in March 2020. Please send me an email or call if you'd like to discuss the job and what it does.


John Gillies.