Australasian Region

Spence McCormack A.F.S.M.

Vice-President, NMRA Australasian Region

I left school and started an apprenticeship as a bus mechanic. I worked with buses for years driving interstate coaches, became fleet foreman for a transport company, then spent 36 years with the Fire Service. In 1988 I had the honourof being the first person in the state of NSW to receive, on Australia Day, the Australian Fire Service Medal.

During my time in the service, I was appointed to Macquarie Street, Sydney Head Quarters , to be on the Designing Board of Fire Tankers, Inspection of Tanker Builders within the State.

I was also responsible for purchasing vehicles, and accessing response and off road driving, Served in many 41F (state emergency) fire fighting over the state.

Retired in 1999, after having a Cerebral Aneurysm.Bought a farm in Glen Alice and farmed for 12 years.

At this present time, now involved with a great group of members and friends with N.M.R.A. and building a NSW prototype layout.

Spencer McCormack AFSM

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