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Steve Chapman MMR #609

NMRA Australasian Region

My name is Stephen Chapman I have been modelling since I was a child, dear old Dad brought me a Triang Set and we made up a simple layout together.

I was a foundation member of the Sydney N Gauge group but not an active member now.

I moved from Triang to HO US prototype as that's all you could buy other than British.

I started my working life as a apprentice Motor body Builder building truck bodies.

After I graduated I wanted to do something different so I applied for Trainee Engine Driver.

But it did not last due to the complete reliance on over time I rose to Fireman before I left.

I rejoined the Railways after a break As A Body Builder then changed to a carriage builder.

I have been to most depots in Sydney, Elcar, Enfield, Clyde both sides and seen how things were done.

While I was at Darling Island Repair Siding I rose to Foreman rank.

I was mainly based at Sydney yard or Central Station looking after Electrics and country trains.

During this time I spent a bit of time modelling in O gauge building a few models with the help of other O gaugers I knew. There was nothing available so everything was scratch built.

I have been on the Board Of directors before several years ago so I thought I give it a go this time around. I enjoy all aspects of the hobby and always looking for different ways to do things. Regards in Modelling.

Steve Chapman MMR