Australasian Region

Chris Minahan

Division Nine Superintendent, NMRA Australasian Region

Chris is a retired Professional Electrical Engineer having worked in the Media and IT industries.

He designed and commissioned two of the major television post production facilities in Australia and for ten years was chair of the Australian Section of the Society of Motion Picture and television Engineers - a standards organisation for film and television.

He holds a Masters degree in Computer Science and teaches Information and Communications Technology at TAFE.

His interest in railways and tramways began before any other memories and he has been a member of several model railway clubs and associations including the Newcastle and Taree Clubs, AMRA, and NMRA.

He has been involved with the engineering review of the new NMRA standard NMRANET and is desiging equipment for use in model railway laouyts that is compliant with this standard.

He models Denver and Rio Grande Western in the 60s to the fall of the flag. His layout is approximatly 8M by 4M, is CTC controlled, and is capable of being Dispatched from anywhere on the Internet.

His specific interest is signalling and computer control of layouts.

He takes an active role in the NMRA as he believes in its goals. He sees the Achievement Program as a pathway available to all modellers to attain outcomes they might not otherwise attempt.

Chris is (too slowly) working towards collecting NMRA Achievement awards. He curently holds Electrical Enginer and Dispatcher Certificates