Australasian Region

Les Fowler

Division Seven Superintendent, NMRA Australasian Region

Like most model railroaders I was introduced into the hobby at a young age by a relative, in this case by my father, Bill Fowler. And like most people as we get older we develop other interest and hobbies, in my case karate, sailing & computing among other interests, but I have kept an interest in the hobby of model railroading by the magazines "Model Railroader" and also "Trains". Until about 10 years ago this was as an arm chair modeller. Then dad decided to start building an "N" gauge layout from that seed the hobby regerminated and grew.

From about June 2009 I decided to start building a N gauge layout, "Ethan, Hulle and Steele Railway" which is very loosely based in the US Midwest around a steel blast furnace, mill and also an ethanol plant, however like most layouts built by people that have fulltime jobs this has been a very slow process as the majority of the work is completed in fits and spurts during my holidays. After a major job of splitting the layout into 2 and splitting and extending the original track plan the layout is now track work complete and capable of running trains. The next step will be to scenic and install working signals for a screen based CTC system.

I believe the current mix of layout, clinic and other railway related meetings is working well as this gives everybody the opportunity to either enjoy viewing a layout or learn a new skill with a clinic meeting or just have a day out on a railway related function. If you would like to host a meeting or have a suggestion for a clinic or would like to volunteer to give a clinic or even have a suggestion for a meeting please let me know either in person at a meeting or phone or email.

Les Fowler