Australasian Region

Max Wright MMR #578

Division Six Superintendent, NMRA Australasian Region

I live in Blackwood in the Adelaide Hills, I'm semi-retired and I'm married to Wendy, who is an artist. She is very supportive of my hobby.

I have an engineering background and my interest in trains dates back to my younger years when I lived near the Adelaide to Melbourne line. My friend John and I used to ride our bikes up to Mitcham station and watch the steamers.

Apart from scenery, I'm interested in computer control of my layouts - so I can watch the trains at work. I've recently graduated from HO to O scale, where I'm currently building a waterfront diorama which features John Allen's Timesaver layout plan, with hand laid track and scratch built rolling stock.

Another of my hobbies is music. I play the double bass.

I was four years as Coordinator of the Division 6 SIG - Digital Experimental Command Control and I now hope to be of service to the NMRA as Divisional Superintendent.

Max Wright

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