Australasian Region

Allan Ogden

Division Three Superintendent, NMRA Australasian Region

My beginning in this wonderful hobby was pretty normal. A Hornby tinplate clockwork train set my dad picked up.

Wish I still had that! Anyway clockwork transitioned to electric and growing up in Newcastle NSW it had to be NSWGR or as much as a keen young modeler could modify into in those days anyway.

After a ten year stretch in the Australian Army and marriage I came back to the hobby. Denver Reo Grande with lovely large Tunnel motors changed back to NSWGR. Then someone invented Bachman on30! After an apprentiship with O gauge bush tramways. I came across a little country called Wales. Visions Thomas the tank came back and I've been modeling Welsh Narrow Gauge ever since and I think this is the most fun with model trains I've had since those early days.

I'm a member of the 7mm Narrow Gauge Association and contribute to a number of UK Narrow Gauge forums.

I joined the NMRA a few years ago, I think it has some very talented people and I'd like to get that talent out to the modelers and would be modelers who go to exhibitions and look at all that is on show and come away with the idea they couldn't model like that. Like I said at the beginning this is a great hobby and the more people we can get involved whatever they model the better.


Allan Ogden

Superintendent Division 3