Australasian Region

Dion Koch

Division Two Superintendent, NMRA Australasian Region

I am a virtual latecomer to the world of Model Railroading, I was born in to a family with a rich Railroading history. My Great Grandfather, Grandfather, and Father all worked for Queensland Rail. Other members of my family also worked for Queensland Rail. I had the biggest model railroad as a kid, with the mainline heading out to the Queensland coal basin running right past my front door.

My interest is N scale in Union Pacific in the Pacific Northwest with a couple of other railroads making an appearance in my roster as shared power. I have convinced my beloved wife to forego a spare bedroom so that I can build my layout inside, leaving the garage for the motorbikes. This layout will be my first, so it will certainly be a lot of trial and error in the development of it.

Dion Koch

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